Sorry to make this message again but I’m super curious

I would looove to see any photos of me from London MCM Expo May 2012. I was a Lady Loki with a green and grey fur cloak who was blue on Saturday and normal Lady Loki on Sunday. If anyone had photos of me, I would loooove to see them so if you could tag them ‘witchchild’ (my URL) that would most excellent, or just put them in the expo tag. A lot of photos were taken over the course of the weekend and I would lovelovelove to see them :D

Big call out to anyone who was at London MCM Expo May 2012

I was Lady Loki with a big fur and velvet cloak

I’m searching out all photos of me because a lot were taken and i wanna seeeeeeeeeee

if you have any PLEASE LET ME KNOOOOW